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DesnowNet: Context-Aware Deep Network for Snow Removal


Abstract: Existing learning-based atmospheric particle-removal approaches such as those used for rainy and hazy images are designed with strong assumptions regarding spatial frequency, trajectory, and translucency. However, the removal of snow particles is more complicated because they possess additional attributes of particle size and shape, and these attributes may vary within a single image. Currently, hand-crafted features are still the mainstream for snow removal, making significant generalization difficult to achieve. In response, we have designed a multistage network named DesnowNet to in turn deal with the removal of translucent and opaque snow particles. We also differentiate snow attributes of translucency and chromatic aberration for accurate estimation. Moreover, our approach individually estimates residual complements of the snow-free images to recover details obscured by opaque snow. Additionally, a multi-scale design is utilized throughout the entire network to model the diversity of snow. As demonstrated in the qualitative and quantitative experiments, our approach outperforms state-of-the-art learning-based atmospheric phenomena removal methods and one semantic segmentation baseline on the proposed Snow100K dataset. The results indicate our network would benefit applications involving computer vision and graphics. classification algorithms .

DesnowNet: Context-Aware Deep Network for Snow Removal pdf


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